There is something sacred in allowing yourself to be seen authentically. By trusting someone to lead you in a series of games, barriers are broken. Patterns of behavior that once served and comforted you now fall away.

When these folks came to Self Awareness tonight, they said YES! to the unknown. They allowed me to lead them to some of their patterns without any of us knowing what they would find. Together we shed light on their authenticity and they found freedom in being in scenes together.

My favorite quote from a student this evening was from Nick Trotter. In realizing the simplicity of using your current emotional space to ground yourself and start a scene he said, “Maybe it’s just a celebration of the emotional state you’ve been carrying all day.” My second favorite quote from tonight came from Dave Schultz when he said, “what’s cool about this exercise is that it’s sincere.” Finally, my third favorite quote came from Heather Curran when coming back from break she said, “I don’t fucking give a shit! I’ll eat as many Munchies as I want and I’ll still fucking eat dinner later.”

Del was right. Improvisation is theater of the heart. Let’s break this bastard open.


Honoring your inner authenticity,