Everything in life is a game.

  • Making a sandwich
  • Filling the car with gas
  • Doing laundry
  • Inflicting your inner frustration on another person

Obviously, some games are far more fun than others.

There are mundane tasks we all get through without being present because of their nature. We must complete them for our own survival. We all need to eat, get to work and have clean clothes. How do you infuse play within such games? By making them more playful, they become no big deal.

There are also behaviors at the root of our humanity that appear when we feel hurt. We play these games as behavioral defense mechanisms when fight or flight is present within our bodies. Although we cannot entirely avoid such games, every human has the ability to choose how to engage in them. By making the choice to alter how we play these games, we are changing the rules of the game. Rather than making our next move be a continuation of passing frustration from person to person, we change the game. We give space for people to feel hurt- we stand patiently before them in love while supporting them through their suffering. Neither one may know how to proceed within this new game, but what makes it fun is figuring it out as we go–together.

In the end, all games come from the heart. I invite you to change how you play your games by playing from the heart.

I’ll be teaching most every Tuesday and Thursday this summer. Join me and remind yourself how to find play with new rules that lead toward freedom.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Mama has some laundry to play.