Redirecting Focus

I know for a fact there is more than one way to perceive the world in which we live. Society programs us to win, be pretty, get rich, be skinny, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! The cool thing is, since this is true, there is obviously another side to focus our attention on… THE GOOD!

Hey you! Yeah, you reading this right now…

You are AWESOME!  Thanks for letting that car merge onto the highway in front of you, even though you were running late. Thanks for holding the door open for that lady today. Thanks for looking that guy in the eye as you passed him on the street and smiling at him. You make a mean guacamole, treat everyone you meet like they truly matter to you, and you always bring the best beer to a party. And damn- that body wash you use smells incredible. Thanks for making us so happy when we’re near you!

Do us all a favor, will ya? Refocus your attention on all the awesome things that you do. It helps the entire collective we all swim in feel just that much better.

High Five,

The Unexpected

Whether you are aware of it or not, improvisation shows itself to us on a daily basis. Those moment-to-moment interactions that make us stop and react from a place of authenticity are where life is being lived fully.

I adore this video. It is a fabulous example of life happening and those experiencing it reacting from a heart-filled, authentic space.

May your awareness of each moment of authenticity grow within you today and every day.


YES! Assignment, September 14, 2015

You are just fine. Really. More than that, you are wonderful. Fabulous. Perfect! This week, say YES! To focusing your attention on the things that make you such. Focusing your attention on all that is wonderful simply allows the river of more of that to flow directly into your life. And what a life it is, indeed!

Go on with your bad-ass selves,


YES! Assignment, August 31, 2014

Once a day, pass a sincere complement on to someone. You’ll lift their spirits more than you elevate yourself.  High tide raises all boats.



Connect To Now

NOW can be an alarming demand — especially if someone’s hollering at you. NOW can be something that’s an immediate action item to prevent harm to others or yourself. NOW can be pausing and appreciating what you hear, smell or see.

Even within the NOWs that feel alarming, you have the option to proceed while grounded in love without shutting down to “survive”. Offer compassion to the alarm with a loving deep breath. Believe it or not, you really do have all the time in the world to pause and then proceed with grace.

Applauding your awesomeness,


Everything in life is a game.

  • Making a sandwich
  • Filling the car with gas
  • Doing laundry
  • Inflicting your inner frustration on another person

Obviously, some games are far more fun than others.

There are mundane tasks we all get through without being present because of their nature. We must complete them for our own survival. We all need to eat, get to work and have clean clothes. How do you infuse play within such games? By making them more playful, they become no big deal.

There are also behaviors at the root of our humanity that appear when we feel hurt. We play these games as behavioral defense mechanisms when fight or flight is present within our bodies. Although we cannot entirely avoid such games, every human has the ability to choose how to engage in them. By making the choice to alter how we play these games, we are changing the rules of the game. Rather than making our next move be a continuation of passing frustration from person to person, we change the game. We give space for people to feel hurt- we stand patiently before them in love while supporting them through their suffering. Neither one may know how to proceed within this new game, but what makes it fun is figuring it out as we go–together.

In the end, all games come from the heart. I invite you to change how you play your games by playing from the heart.

I’ll be teaching most every Tuesday and Thursday this summer. Join me and remind yourself how to find play with new rules that lead toward freedom.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Mama has some laundry to play.




In Mysterious Ways

It’s so difficult to pull yourself together to find motivation to do things. I’ve found that this space lies between funk and the doorway to depression- the doorway that opens when we actively engage in the feeling of the funk long enough to be stuck inside it’s vortex with no escape. It’s within this space of funk that our mind tricks us into believing the worst about ourselves and our situations. After all, like David Razowsky says,  “Your brain is an asshole and a liar.”

Then, in the blink of an eye, your entire perspective can shift.  You end up in a conversation with someone who is otherwise a complete stranger who sees you- really sees what it is you are trying to put out into the world, and they want the same for themselves and for you. Your interaction with them reintroduces you to your value and brings you back to the beauty of life.

As you slide on your way toward the doorway of depression, take the time to remember it can all change in an instant. Say YES! and engage in conversations that might seem trivial with someone you don’t even know. The energy of connection to other, to self, to life is what makes us feel complete and that we matter. It is within these connections that we feel the mysterious way we are rejuvenated and whole again.

How are you communicating with yourself? If you’re feeling low, the message you’re sending yourself is most likely not very pleasant. That message is then shared with all you encounter. Do your best to find the root of that communication with self, and find the truth that lies beneath. You are worthy. You do matter. You are amazing.

One of the main things we do as improvisers is learn to refine our communication. We only have so much time on stage, so we had better get to the point and do it quickly so that the rest of the show can fall into place. I encourage you to take the time to come practice this communication with self and other in a workshop this week.. If you would like more depth in terms of your communication with self and other, I highly recommend taking a workshop in Compassionate Communication. A woman by the name of Kathy Ziola who is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication has a wonderful workshop called Foundations of Compassionate Communication coming up at the end of this month that I would highly recommend. By engaging in the practice of getting to the heart of what it is you really want to say in a safe, non-judgmental environment, you are building a foundation of confidence from which you are able to be more authentically you. Who doesn’t want some of that?

Now get out there and be the damned genius you and I both know you are!


In Love,

Today’s Thought

“Don’t bring a cathedral into a scene. Bring a brick; let us build together.”

~Del Close

Without you, Gaining Perspective would have no reason to exist. Without one another, our creations would be less majestic. Without play, life would be dull. But it all comes from starting with the first brick. No one is perfect the first time they try anything. There is always room for improvement.

What bricks are you bringing to the fun?