Teachers and administrators recognize the need to address the development of emotional intelligence in students. However, the focus often remains on implementing the newest standards and providing programming on limited budgets. Gaining Perspective has developmentally appropriate (and fun!) games to help students recognize their emotions and how to properly express them.


Elementary school kids are imaginative and impressionable. Between Kindergarten and sixth grade, kids ride the wave of learning social skills from understanding group dynamics to learning self-control and building friendships. At every level, games can be played to help direct positive social development. This playful approach gives a good foundation for children to understand their emotions and how to appropriately express them without harming themselves or others.


In this highly evolving, fast-paced world there are many expectations forced upon our teens. Most teens desire approval and want to achieve, yet they are often balancing internal and external pressures, all while doing the crucial work of forming their identity and independence. We need to remember the most important part—THEY’RE STILL KIDS. They still want to play.

Using the games and techniques of improvisation, Gaining Perspective guides adolescents through their emotional development and provides a playful, supportive space to practice how to calmly and confidently express themselves.


Helping students into their newly acquired adulthood doesn’t have to be all work. Using Improvisation to learn what blocks individuals from making choices that align with the lives they hope to create is critical. The more flexibility and confidence they learn at this early stage of adulthood, the more resilient they become when entering the employment market for their chosen field.