Personal Development




In an age where our schedules our jam-packed and we’re often more connected to our electronic devices than each other, we need to create space for those who are most important in our lives: our families. Gaining Perspective brings families together to play and connect through various improvisational games. Adults foster an engaging way to communicate with their children while the children remind the adults how great it feels to dig in and play!


Each moment of our life is a miraculous gift. The stresses of daily life cause us to forget this truth. Learning to playfully approach each moment is a fabulous reminder that you have the ability to create more connection and meaning. Using the skills of improvisation as a tool for self-awareness, Kerstin guides you into the playfulness of each moment. You’ll laugh. You’ll be delighted. You’ll amaze yourself.

Vantage Point Intensive

At various times throughout the year, Gaining Perspective proudly offers experiences with leaders in improvisation who are not from Denver. Providing a platform from which they may share their view of the craft as it applies to life is an integral piece in helping to shape a more well-rounded perspective throughout our community.