Ready to feel lighter? More confident and spontaneous?

To a five-year-old, simply “being” is enough. Preschoolers play and express their feelings. They move from moment to moment without needing instructions from anyone.

As we grow older, we become less engaged with the world around us and more engaged with what’s going on in our heads. We think, analyze and judge our every move.

Fast forward thirty or forty years and we feel stuck, burdened by responsibility, exhausted, wishing we didn’t take ourselves and others so seriously. Most of us long for a deeper connection to ourselves and the people we love. But we have no idea how to make that happen.

Say yes to the present moment

Dropping into the present moment lightens your load, builds your confidence, and allows you to form more meaningful connections. When you say yes to the present moment, you stop resisting and allow everything to be as it is. When you say no to what’s happening, you’re choosing to suffer.

Kerstin uses Improvisation in her Practice of Playful Presence workshops to help you learn how to be present and shed light on what’s going on inside of you. There’s no pressure to be funny. You relax, play, laugh and witness what comes up. By getting out of your head and into spontaneous play, you start to see the places where fear is holding you back. You become more aware. Greater awareness changes your relationship with fear. Once that happens, you’re free to transform your world.

Begin your journey to greater self awareness!

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