What ties many together in rehabilitation is that their addictions have stopped their social-emotional development. Whether their source for feeling powerful is drugs, alcohol or violence, it creates a disconnect to their true inner source of power. Through playful interaction, those seeking recovery can experience what it feels like to rise above regrets and reconnect to the innocent child within.

Substance Abuse Support

Being present within a game can help shift focus from physical, emotional, and mental discomforts to joy and laughter. Improvisation provides practice in finding comfort in the discomfort and navigating impulsive feelings. By engaging in the freedom of play, participants are given a supportive outlet to voice their internal struggles.

Restorative Justice

Improvisation provides an escape from the inner-diatribe that can plague people serving time and delivers a healthy and fun way to express emotions. When actively engaged in play, individuals become more confident, creative and happy to be a part of something greater than themselves.