YES! Assignment, September 14, 2015

You are just fine. Really. More than that, you are wonderful. Fabulous. Perfect! This week, say YES! To focusing your attention on the things that make you such. Focusing your attention on all that is wonderful simply allows the river of more of that to flow directly into your life. And what a life it is, indeed!

Go on with your bad-ass selves,


YES! Assignment, August 31, 2014

Once a day, pass a sincere complement on to someone. You’ll lift their spirits more than you elevate yourself.  High tide raises all boats.



Connect To Now

NOW can be an alarming demand — especially if someone’s hollering at you. NOW can be something that’s an immediate action item to prevent harm to others or yourself. NOW can be pausing and appreciating what you hear, smell or see.

Even within the NOWs that feel alarming, you have the option to proceed while grounded in love without shutting down to “survive”. Offer compassion to the alarm with a loving deep breath. Believe it or not, you really do have all the time in the world to pause and then proceed with grace.

Applauding your awesomeness,

YES! Assignment, August 3, 2015

Did you wake up thinking “Yes, I’m doing this today” or “No, I am dreading this”?  Be bold and take a step toward turning your dreaded “I have to” into a liberating “I get to” all through the power of YES!

Avoiding an important conversation? Write it down, then practice saying it. If it’s a daunting task, move in the direction of its completion with one tiny step. If it’s as simple as not wanting to crawl out of bed to go for a run, stand up, stretch and get your shoes.

Just say YES! to one thing you don’t want to do. Then, just for fun, track how many yeses come back to you.

“There is no try, only do.” ~ Yoda

Happy Monday,

Connect To Now

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Did you feel the air tickling the hair on your arm? Does it take you to a sandy beach with azure water lapping at your toes? Or is it an arctic frost that’s making you uncomfortably alert? Count to a slow “60” with your eyes closed and find one thing — just one — that you appreciate in this very moment.

You’re amazing!


YES! Assignment, July 27, 2015

Denied yourself this weekend, did you? This week, say YES! to food, fun and frivolous consumption. Eat a cupcake like you used to…. smashing frosting all over your face without worrying about the mess. Let your dog clean up the remainder and then run him around the block a few more times tonight.

It’s worth it!



Connect To Now

Oh wait, what was that? Is your hard drive humming a little too loudly or was it the whir of a fluttering humming bird? Jump up and check. Stop what you’re doing for a sec and appreciate the wonders around you. Take a deep breath, stretch and give thanks for life.

You’re doing great!



YES! Assignment, July 20, 2015

This week’s YES! Assignment from The YES! Lab:

Notice yourself holding back from doing that thing you really want to do right now? What keeps you from jumping in and doing it already? As long as that spontaneous thing within your heart doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, go for it! Imagine all of the joy you could be missing out on once you give it a whirl.

It’s hot, it’s sticky and you might just want to rip off your clothes and run through the sprinkler.  Say YES! to being cool. Depending on your ‘hood mates and prying eyes, you may want to wear a swimsuit.



Everything in life is a game.

  • Making a sandwich
  • Filling the car with gas
  • Doing laundry
  • Inflicting your inner frustration on another person

Obviously, some games are far more fun than others.

There are mundane tasks we all get through without being present because of their nature. We must complete them for our own survival. We all need to eat, get to work and have clean clothes. How do you infuse play within such games? By making them more playful, they become no big deal.

There are also behaviors at the root of our humanity that appear when we feel hurt. We play these games as behavioral defense mechanisms when fight or flight is present within our bodies. Although we cannot entirely avoid such games, every human has the ability to choose how to engage in them. By making the choice to alter how we play these games, we are changing the rules of the game. Rather than making our next move be a continuation of passing frustration from person to person, we change the game. We give space for people to feel hurt- we stand patiently before them in love while supporting them through their suffering. Neither one may know how to proceed within this new game, but what makes it fun is figuring it out as we go–together.

In the end, all games come from the heart. I invite you to change how you play your games by playing from the heart.

I’ll be teaching most every Tuesday and Thursday this summer. Join me and remind yourself how to find play with new rules that lead toward freedom.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Mama has some laundry to play.




In Joy

At the end of tonight’s workshop, one of the participants said the most beautiful thing about her time here. She said, “I enjoyed this so much that now I feel like I am… I really am in joy.”

So am I.

Be present and be in joy today.