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Have you ever frozen in front of a room full of people? You forget what to say, and then slide into the story in your head that says everyone thinks you are crazy? Maybe you’ve noticed you’re forgetting the details that make your day go smoothly, as you attempt to balance pressure at work, maintain order at home and still find time to nurture relationships with family and friends?

You, my friend, are completely normal. You’ve simply lost your connection to the present moment.  The good news is – you can shift that by cultivating a more playful presence.

There is a fun and easy way to reconnect to this very moment right now. I mean this one. Wait… this one. I mean… this one. (See what I did there?) By simply playing a series of Improvisational games, you will discover the key to presence. Contrary to popular belief, Improvisation is not about being funny- it’s about listening, responding and being fully present in the moment with yourself, with those around you and with the task at hand.

Presence is a natural state.  We were all born with this ability and reconnecting to this state is possible. All it takes is a willingness to move toward it and commitment to dedicated practice. This workshop is fun, reflective and can be habit-changing for those who fully commit to releasing obstacles that disconnect them from playful moments as they arise.

In this six-week course, we will gather weekly to explore the lessons of presence embedded into Improvisation exercises cultivated by the mother of Improvisation- Viola Spolin. By engaging in what Viola coined a “Direct Experience”, we will discover the behaviors that keep us moving forward in the joyful flow of play and examine the behaviors that hold us back. Along with weekly meetings, you will be able to schedule a thirty minute Zoom session with Kerstin who will provide individualized support as you cultivate this presence in your own life. You will walk away with a deeper connection to yourself and you intentions, armed with tools and strategies that will allow you to remain in a state of playful presence once the workshop is over.


May 22 – June 26 (Six Weeks)

6:30PM – 8:30PM

The Peace Cellar
3494 Broadway | Englewood, Colorado | 80113

Admission: $350

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