• YES! Assignment, July 27, 2015

    Denied yourself this weekend, did you? This week, say YES! to food, fun and frivolous consumption. Eat a cupcake like you used to…. smashing frosting all over your face without worrying about the mess. Let your dog clean up the remainder and then run him around the block a few more times tonight. It’s worth it! Enjoy, Kerstin

  • Connect To Now

    Oh wait, what was that? Is your hard drive humming a little too loudly or was it the whir of a fluttering humming bird? Jump up and check. Stop what you’re doing for a sec and appreciate the wonders around you. Take a deep breath, stretch and give thanks for life. You’re doing great! Love, Kerstin  

  • YES! Assignment, July 20, 2015

    This week’s YES! Assignment from The YES! Lab: Notice yourself holding back from doing that thing you really want to do right now? What keeps you from jumping in and doing it already? As long as that spontaneous thing within your heart doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, go for it! Imagine all of the joy you could be missing

  • Game-Changer

    Everything in life is a game. Making a sandwich Filling the car with gas Doing laundry Inflicting your inner frustration on another person Obviously, some games are far more fun than others. There are mundane tasks we all get through without being present because of their nature. We must complete them for our own survival. We all need to eat,

  • In Joy

    At the end of tonight’s workshop, one of the participants said the most beautiful thing about her time here. She said, “I enjoyed this so much that now I feel like I am… I really am in joy.” So am I. Be present and be in joy today.   Enjoy, Kerstin

  • In Mysterious Ways

    It’s so difficult to pull yourself together to find motivation to do things. I’ve found that this space lies between funk and the doorway to depression- the doorway that opens when we actively engage in the feeling of the funk long enough to be stuck inside it’s vortex with no escape. It’s within this space of funk that our mind

  • A Wonderful Reward

    Today’s Play workshop was incredible. It was amazing watching each student unravel their fears after giving them permission to let their inner child come to the surface. Why is it that we can call our inner child to the surface so well in improv, but in the rest of life it is so difficult to give ourselves permission to play?

  • Celebration

    There is something sacred in allowing yourself to be seen authentically. By trusting someone to lead you in a series of games, barriers are broken. Patterns of behavior that once served and comforted you now fall away. When these folks came to Self Awareness tonight, they said YES! to the unknown. They allowed me to lead them to some of

  • Today’s Thought

    “Don’t bring a cathedral into a scene. Bring a brick; let us build together.” ~Del Close Without you, Gaining Perspective would have no reason to exist. Without one another, our creations would be less majestic. Without play, life would be dull. But it all comes from starting with the first brick. No one is perfect the first time they try

  • The Unknown

    “Body-mind intuition. That’s what we’re after.” ~Viola Spolin