• In Mysterious Ways

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    It’s so difficult to pull yourself together to find motivation to do things. I’ve found that this space lies between funk and the doorway to depression- the doorway that opens when we actively engage in the feeling of the funk long enough to be stuck inside it’s vortex with no escape. It’s within this space of funk that our mind tricks us into believing the worst about ourselves and our situations. After all, like David Razowsky says,  “Your brain is an asshole and a liar.”

    Then, in the blink of an eye, your entire perspective can shift.  You end up in a conversation with someone who is otherwise a complete stranger who sees you- really sees what it is you are trying to put out into the world, and they want the same for themselves and for you. Your interaction with them reintroduces you to your value and brings you back to the beauty of life.

    As you slide on your way toward the doorway of depression, take the time to remember it can all change in an instant. Say YES! and engage in conversations that might seem trivial with someone you don’t even know. The energy of connection to other, to self, to life is what makes us feel complete and that we matter. It is within these connections that we feel the mysterious way we are rejuvenated and whole again.

    How are you communicating with yourself? If you’re feeling low, the message you’re sending yourself is most likely not very pleasant. That message is then shared with all you encounter. Do your best to find the root of that communication with self, and find the truth that lies beneath. You are worthy. You do matter. You are amazing.

    One of the main things we do as improvisers is learn to refine our communication. We only have so much time on stage, so we had better get to the point and do it quickly so that the rest of the show can fall into place. I encourage you to take the time to come practice this communication with self and other in a workshop this week.. If you would like more depth in terms of your communication with self and other, I highly recommend taking a workshop in Compassionate Communication. A woman by the name of Kathy Ziola who is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication has a wonderful workshop called Foundations of Compassionate Communication coming up at the end of this month that I would highly recommend. By engaging in the practice of getting to the heart of what it is you really want to say in a safe, non-judgmental environment, you are building a foundation of confidence from which you are able to be more authentically you. Who doesn’t want some of that?

    Now get out there and be the damned genius you and I both know you are!


    In Love,

  • A Wonderful Reward

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    Today’s Play workshop was incredible. It was amazing watching each student unravel their fears after giving them permission to let their inner child come to the surface.

    Why is it that we can call our inner child to the surface so well in improv, but in the rest of life it is so difficult to give ourselves permission to play? I’m working to change that for myself and invite you to do the same. Baby steps. I think the outcome will be a wonderful reward.


    With Love,


  • Celebration

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    There is something sacred in allowing yourself to be seen authentically. By trusting someone to lead you in a series of games, barriers are broken. Patterns of behavior that once served and comforted you now fall away.

    When these folks came to Self Awareness tonight, they said YES! to the unknown. They allowed me to lead them to some of their patterns without any of us knowing what they would find. Together we shed light on their authenticity and they found freedom in being in scenes together.

    My favorite quote from a student this evening was from Nick Trotter. In realizing the simplicity of using your current emotional space to ground yourself and start a scene he said, “Maybe it’s just a celebration of the emotional state you’ve been carrying all day.” My second favorite quote from tonight came from Dave Schultz when he said, “what’s cool about this exercise is that it’s sincere.” Finally, my third favorite quote came from Heather Curran when coming back from break she said, “I don’t fucking give a shit! I’ll eat as many Munchies as I want and I’ll still fucking eat dinner later.”

    Del was right. Improvisation is theater of the heart. Let’s break this bastard open.


    Honoring your inner authenticity,



  • Today’s Thought

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    “Don’t bring a cathedral into a scene. Bring a brick; let us build together.”

    ~Del Close

    Without you, Gaining Perspective would have no reason to exist. Without one another, our creations would be less majestic. Without play, life would be dull. But it all comes from starting with the first brick. No one is perfect the first time they try anything. There is always room for improvement.

    What bricks are you bringing to the fun?


  • The Unknown

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    “Body-mind intuition. That’s what we’re after.” ~Viola Spolin

    An Audio Profile of Viola Spolin