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Enliven confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone.
Two-day performance workshop
billy1     kerstin1
with Billy Galewood and Kerstin Caldwell

Dates: TBD | 10AM – 4PM | Location: TBD | $300

Hey YOU! You’re awesome! Yeah, we said it. 

You. Are. Awesome.

How often do you explore that?

Join Billy Galewood and Kerstin Caldwell as they co-teach a weekend devoted to the celebration of you and your unique creative expression. Immerse yourself in a fun, introspective environment that will encourage and inspire ideas to flow forth. Examine what sometimes makes you shy away from your greatness and learn techniques to peacefully transform those roadblocks in order to re-engage.
Spread over two days, this intensive will explore the flow within writing, improvisation, stand-up comedy, poetry, music… Damn, let’s just call it fun! With much of their lives devoted to creativity and living within their passions, Billy and Kerstin will guide toward the area of expression you want to explore. So let’s play!
The weekend will conclude with a special event where each participant will showcase what they have worked on all weekend. Billy Galewood will headline and emcee the show and YOU will be his co-stars.
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
-Neale Donald Wasch

About Billy Galewood:

Entertainer, Singer, song-juggler, Bushwalla represents the assorted talents of Billy Galewood. His sound has evolved into aunique blend of acoustic hip-hop, with a soul deeply rooted in authenticity and optimism. A songwriter,collaborator and free-styler, Bushwalla co-wrote songs on Jason Mraz’s debut platinum album, ‘Waiting For MyRocket to Come’ and sophomore release ‘Mr. A-Z’. On the TV front, Bushwalla helped develop the early stagesof the comedy special, “The Sleight of the Mouth”, with magician Justin Willman that recently aired on ComedyCentral and was the original co-host and house band leader for the live shows produced at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. 
Galewood is currently developing an improv, sketch comedy show titled “Zero to Billy”, a show about creating a show.  “Zero to Billy” features special surprise guests every week. Past guests have included Jason Mraz, Jose Sinatra, Tolan Shaw, sketch comedy groups and other talented artists. Galewood marks “Zero to Billy,” as a reinvention of himself and looks forward to engaging with his audience in a new way. “I see myself as a storyteller, which is why at every show I present a new concept right on stage and improv my way throughout the entire night – never know what you’re going to get,” said Galewood. “After I retired my Bushwalla persona in December 2015, I knew I wanted to pursue something different but wasn’t sure what that was until I came up with the idea of having a show that pushed me beyond my music to also showcase improv. I do a lot of risk taking at the show where I share my thoughts on the spot, but I’m here to entertain– my audience is there for an honest experience and that’s exactly what I am going to give them.”

About Kerstin Caldwell:

Kerstin Caldwell is the founder of Gaining Perspective and The YES! Lab, where she has reached thousands of people of all ages through hundreds of live performances and workshops. Her love of improv was ignited in high school, and she went on to train at two of Chicago’s most famed institutions, The Second City and iO (formerly ImprovOlympic). It was when she studied with Alan Arkin that Kerstin discovered the use of improvisation as a tool for self-awareness, and her passion and purpose aligned. Over a span of eight years, teaching as an Artist In Residency at William Smith High School in Aurora, Kerstin developed the program she and her Gaining Perspective team now bring into classrooms all over the Denver Metro Area. Teaching young adults how to self-regulate their emotions and maneuver through conflicts with grace is Kerstin’s greatest reward. She is thrilled that the success of this program is expanding its outreach into local prisons and recovery programs so that both kids and adults can learn to recognize their habitual behaviors, develop more positive communication skills, and transform into their most aware and confident selves.

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