“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

~Neale Donald Walsch

A Course In Creative Expression

Enliven confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone.


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with Billy Galewood and Kerstin Caldwell

Friday June 28th

Saturday June 29th

Sunday June 30th

The Neat Factory
2679 S Broadway | Denver, CO | 80210

Admission: $350

As creative people, we often resist starting new projects or walk away from our half-completed attempts at expressing our true selves. Creating requires a dedicated practice devoted to structuring your own habits that keep you focused on an end goal for a piece of work. Join Billy Galewood and Kerstin Caldwell as we explore the dynamics that helps amplify your own creative expression in a fun, productive environment. Spread over two and a half days, we will inspire ideas to flow forth. Examine what sometimes makes you shy away from your greatness and learn techniques to peacefully transform those roadblocks in order to re-engage to yourself, your craft and this moment.

Billy & Kerstin will immerse you in creative work utilizing their backgrounds in disciplines such as writing, improvisation, stand-up comedy, storytelling, poetry, music and theater.

If you’re interested in creating habits that bring connection to your own creative voice, we invite you to join us.

About Billy Galewood:

His comedy stylings are a variety of expressions that encompass honesty, vulnerability and laughter. Billy is a story teller who uses comedy and music as a way to catapult his tales of madness to a very relatable and digestible state of being. Billyʼs comedy encompasses Stand up and sketch comedy that weaves in and out of his “IN THE MOMENT” material according to what each night has to offer. You will never see the same show twice.

About Kerstin Caldwell:

Kerstin Caldwell is the founder of Gaining Perspective and formerly The YES! Lab, where she has reached thousands of people of all ages through hundreds of live performances and workshops. Her love of improv was ignited in high school, and she went on to train at two of Chicago’s most famed institutions, The Second City and iO (formerly ImprovOlympic). It was when she studied with Alan Arkin that Kerstin discovered the use of improvisation as a tool for self-awareness, and her passion and purpose aligned.

Over a span of eight years, teaching as an Artist In Residency at William Smith High School in Aurora, Kerstin developed the program she now brings into classrooms all over the Denver Metro Area. Teaching young adults how to self-regulate their emotions and maneuver through conflicts with grace is Kerstin’s greatest reward. She is thrilled that the success of this program is working to expand its outreach into local prisons and recovery programs so that both kids and adults can learn to recognize their habitual behaviors, develop more positive communication skills, and transform into their most aware and confident selves.


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